1. Much of our business is focused upon what other good brokersWe lease and sell property representing landlords and tenants. If you have a good broker in your area that serves you well, you should continue using your proven service provider. If their practice is area specific in an area where you are located, all the more reason to continue using their services.
  2. What differentiates OCRS from 99% of the brokers at other commercial companies is that a portion of our practice is consultingA few examples of our consulting services are as follows:
  3. When mergers and acquisitions take place, real estate plays an important role. Restructuring the combined portfolio is essential to optimize operations and the bottom line. When there are overlapping locations, how do you decide which to keep? What criteria will you use to make that decision? How do you know the strategy will best serve your objectives? Factors to consider are: functionality of the property, cost, value, physical location, land use patterns, ease of disposal,We can help you decide what is most important and execute the plan for you. Recently we were part of a team that assisted AGFA to purchase a company out of bankruptcy. As a part of their acquisition, we re-wrote leases with the locations they kept saving AGFA hundreds of thousands a year. Our New Jersey partner managed the real estate portion of an AGFA acquisition where renegotiation of the underlying leases resulted in savings equal to 18% of the company acquisition cost.
  4. Right-sizing is an important element of corporate transition. We are effective assisting clients to develop and execute a plan that insures they are in the right space under the right terms to facilitate their focus on their primary business.
  5. About 1000 companies in the US are large enough to have a full time Real Estate Director. Tens of thousands of companies need a RE director, but don't desire the overhead. Your clients can acquire our services hourly or on a job basis. We can directly execute plans and bring partners with specific expertise and location knowledge when the project requires it.
  6. We help companies manage their occupancy costs through a variety of techniques. Occupancy cost reduction goes right to the bottom line.
  7. Companies often exercise options or renew leases without representation with negative consequences. We often renew leases, work with options and save companies a significant amount of money and the landlord usually pays our fees. How do you determine whether to exercise an option or renegotiate the lease? Can an experienced professional add value with the landlord paying the fee?
  8. Valuation is an important part of various planning venues. Valuation is an important part of estate planning and is an overlooked element of mergers and acquisitions. We assist clients to determine value and to plan and organize combined real estate locations and properties as companies merge and acquire. We have experienced great success re-negotiating leases to re-set terms, increase and down-size space requirements and lower costs on behalf of acquiring companies as a part of their process. For obvious reasons, this approach is the most fruitful before consummation of the merger or acquisition.
  9. We provide litigation support on real estate practice, brokerage practice and valuation. We are expert witnesses when litigation is focused on elements in our sweet-spot. We have a broad range of other consultant relationships who provide a spectrum of real estate consulting outside our specialty whom we can refer.
  10. We developed a process for a company with over 50 locations. Their structure required the local managers to perform the leg work and to negotiate the new transactions and extensions under the CFO's supervision. Management discovered that the locations were not necessarily best for corporate objectives and they were nearly always near the local manager's home. They often over paid for locations and generally made unsound decisions. Our process eliminated those loop holes and assured the CFO that they were in the location that best served their objectives at cost effective rates.

While located in the Long Beach area, we have commercial real estate contacts around the world. When doing a project out of our comfort zone, we always partner with a broker or other professional who has both the specific expertise and location experience to accomplish our client's objectives. And perhaps more importantly, we know our limitations and don't operate outside our comfort zone.