I was a guest at ProVisors meeting this morning in Irvine, CA.  Scott Robertson spoke about Branding and how customers make decisions.  His talk was informative, and interesting.  Who knew that Proctor and Gamble invented the concept and that all their products are “branded” in a manner to make them unique, recognizable and a part of every home in America. 

Another part of Scott’s presentation that was interesting to me is how people make decisions and purchases.  His opinion and mine are identical about the subject, except that he has research to back up his opinion.  The short version is that people make decisions, (purchases), based upon how they feel about them.  We rationalize our decisions with criteria and cognitive evaluation, but how we feel drives action.  Another important element of his presentation was the statement that “everything counts”.  Everything we do is part of our “brand”.  Consequently, our brand is a lot more than what we project to the world on a business basis.  In essence, our brand is who we are.